Hello everyone,

Thank-you to everyone who has supported NRG 4 Life this year.  We are grateful for your patronage and your trust in us in helping you attain a healthy, active lifestyle.  We work diligently to provide you with quality workouts that are fun as well.

We had a FREE holiday community class on Saturday Dec. 23 at 10:00.  I’d like to thank everyone that came down to share that workout with me.  The holidays are a busy time of year, and we often put ourselves on the back burner as we take care of everyone else.  This morning, we did what I call the “Christmas Tree Workout”.  You will find a copy of that workout below.  I timed us and it took less than 10 minutes to get through 1 complete round, and very little space.  I hope you find the time to share this workout with your friends, kids and family over the holidays.  2 rounds (20 minutes) of movement, go a long way to helping burn off the extra treats or larger portion sizes typical of this time of year.

Thank-you for the beautiful card and gift that many of you signed and gave to me.  I am truly humbled by the wonderful people that surround me.  I look forward to seeing everyone after the holidays and kick starting the New Year with lots of energy and love.

Have a fabulous holiday season!

We are not shut down this holiday.  There are classes running between Christmas and New Year’s.  Please see the schedule below.

Click on either of the links for a printable pdf of our schedule or today’s holiday workout!

Grace and the NRG 4 Life team.

2017 Holiday Schedule







Christmas Tree Workout