Hello everyone,

March is nearly upon us and with it come longer daylight hours and hopefully warmer weather.  It is easy to hibernate during the cold days of winter; as daylight become shorter and the days get colder, our energy levels also seem to drop.  Well, March is the perfect month to turn all of that around.

March is a great month to start thinking about spring and summer.  As our layers become less and our bodies become more exposed, perhaps it is a perfect time to “up the anti” on our exercise regimes.  It is a general rule that working our 3 times per week will maintain fitness but 4-6 day per week will increase fitness.  Where are you at with your fitness goals?  If winter has kept you more sedentary, then perhaps it is time to get out and do some more.

Add variety to your exercise routine.  Your body is efficient and once it gets used to a certain exercise, it requires less energy to perform it, so the best solution is to vary things up.  Our schedule is specifically designed to help you do just that.  Keeping your body guessing, not only helps keep the boredom away, but it keeps the body responding and changing.  This month, make the effort to try something different.

Our Saturday morning classes will be returning to a 9:30 AM start time beginning in March.  The sun is up earlier and so we decided to get our workouts in earlier to maximize the day.

I am always here to help.  If you need guidance or assistance please let me know.

As always, I am grateful for you patronage and support.

Grace and the NRG 4 Life Team