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Remembrance Day

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SEPTEMBER 2016 – Fall has arrived

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Hello everyone!

It saddens me to say that Fall has arrived… the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping.  As picturesque as this season is, it signals the end of summer and with that, time for something new.

This is what is happening in September at NRG 4 Life…

September 12 – 18th we will be running a week of FREE CLASSES.  This will not only allow you to try something different, but it will give us at NRG 4 Life an opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your continued patronage or for just giving us a try.  The schedule for this week will be similar to the FALL SCHEDULE.  Please click on the link below to print a copy of the FREE CLASS SCHEDULE.



Our new fall schedule will go into effect on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 19th.  See below for a copy of the schedule.

nrg-4-life-class-description-fallwinter-2016 2016-fall-schedule













For all you students out there, we have a special deal for you!  Sign up in September and get a whole school year of unlimited drop-ins for $240.00   This pass is only valid to full time students with valid ID.  This promotion cannot be transferred and is only available upon commitment for the term of the contract (Sept 19 – April 30, 2016).  The term of this contract is not negotiable.  Take advantage of this great deal this month!


August Long Weekend

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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer…

Just a quick note to let you know that there will be NO CLASSEES from Friday July 29 – Monday Aug 1.  The NRG 4 Life team will be away during this time.

We will be back on our regular summer schedule of classes on Tuesday July 2nd.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Summer Schedule 2016

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Hello everyone,

Here is what is going on this summer at NRG 4 Life.


For a printable copy of our schedule, please click on the link below…

2016 Summer Schedule


May Long Weekend

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Hello everyone,

There will be a 5:30 PM CIRCUIT class on Friday May 20th.

All classes on Saturday through until Monday will be CANCELLED.

We will be back to our regular schedule on Tuesday May 24th.

Have a fabulous long weekend!

March is NUTRITION Month

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Hello everyone,

March is NUTRITION month.

If you believe that the best you will be achieved through exercise alone, then I’m sorry to inform you that this is NOT TRUE.  You may be able to keep slim by exercising regularly, but health is much more complex.  NRG 4 Life is about finding balance to make YOU the best YOU possible, not necessarily the best looking YOU (although if you are truly taking care of you, the two do go hand in hand).  There are too many people that have unhealthy relationships with food and although they may “look good” from the outside, their bodies inside are “starving” or “suffering”.  NRG 4 Life is not here to promote that lifestyle choice.

Food is to your body as fuel is to an engine.  You would never put low grade gasoline into an airplane and then hope that it would perform.  Rather, you put in the best of fuel to ensure that there are no “hiccups” on route.  As simple as that is to understand when we look at mechanics, for some reason, we have a hard time making that connection when we look at our own bodies.  Just because our bodies are capable of processing a multitude of foods, does not mean that they are performing optimally as a result.

What you consume plays a HUGE part in how you feel (both physically and mentally) and how you perform.  Making poor food choices can negatively impact your health, appearance, attitude and generally your entire well being.

There are thousands of “diets” out on the market, and I am not here to tell you what to eat.  What I’d like for you to do is consider the following…

  1. Are you drinking enough water?  To figure this out, take your body weight in pounds and divide that number in half.  That is the number of OUNCES your body needs to get through a day and perform all natural bodily functions.  (There are 8 ounces to 1 cup – so figure out how many cups that adds up to.  1 cup is approximately equivalent to 250 ml for you metric fiends).  Now, for every half our of physical activity, add another 1/2 cup.  This also applies to added exposure to extreme temperatures (hot or cold).
  2. Are you chewing enough?  Mastication prepares the body for absorption.  If your body can absorb the nutrients it needs easily, then it will trigger the “satisfied” response.  Ultimately, this will keep you from over-indulging.
  3. Are your “present” while you are eating?  Make time to eat your meals undistracted.  If your body sends a signal that it is satisfied, and you are busy watching your favorite TV show, working on your computer or checking your phone, chances are, you will miss that cue.  Choosing to eat mindfully also allows you to enjoy your food.  Find pleasure in the texture, taste and smell rather than just taking that for granted.
  4. Have you planned and prepared the food yourself?  Taking the time to come up with a meal plan is no different than planning your exercise regiment or your household budget… you are more likely to stay on track if you have a “game plan”.  When left to chance, the trips to fast food establishments or to grab “ready to go” meals from your grocery store increase and unfortunately, your nutritional values decrease.  Planning and preparing your meals ahead gives you a way better chance of “staying on track”, and let’s face it, nobody wants to feel tired and crappy.
  5. Are your food sources “clean”?  I choose to eat vegetarian most meals, but that does not mean that I believe that choice is for everyone.  We are all individual and although I am a certified nutrition coach, I believe that everyone needs to make decisions for themselves.  However, eating “clean” means choosing sources that are as natural as possible and with as little processing as possible.  Choose to pick an apple from your apple tree as opposed to buying one that was shipped from 300+ miles away; choose to drink water over pop/juice.  Eat fresh instead of frozen or from a can.  Choose frozen over canned when possible.  Start to pay attention to how much “convenience” eating is in your day/week, and you may find that a little change will go a long way.  Also, the more unprocessed a food source, the greater the amounts of macro and micro nutrients… again this translates into easier digestion (so you’re not so sluggish after a meal) and also a quicker “satiety” response.

If your can answer “YES” to all of the above, I commend you.  Nutrition is not about cutting things out.  It is about fueling with only the best.  If you look at it from the perspective of eating to enhance your quality of life, then the choices become simple.  I hope you all choose that you are worth the investment required – a little planning and a bit of time.

Let’s make March our kick-off month, for a lifelong commitment to healthy eating – not the beginning of yet another DIET.

If you need a little assistance, I am here to help.


February is “Heart Month”

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Hello everyone,heart 6

Traditionally February has always been known as “heart month”.  Valentine’s day has really gone a long way to create this vision.

We at NRG 4 Life would like to challenge you this month to get your heart a little stronger.  It is really quite simple…

  • Do something 6 out of 7 days of every week to get your heart rate up and keep it there for 20 minutes
  • On the 7th day, pamper yourself – soak in a tub, pedi, mani, whatever pleases YOU!
  • Remember that your heart rate will elevate with weight training as well as cardio – truthfully, we are looking at any exercise that just keeps you moving daily, where you are mindful of that movement.
  • We would love to hear from you on our facebook page, and let us know how you’re doing.
  • Let’s make a commitment to keep each other accountable so that we all get stronger.
Thanks for checking in,
Grace & the NRG 4 Life Team

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had a great holiday.

Hopefully everyone found time to get some activity in.

Our new schedule is in effect starting today – January 4th.

2016 Winter Schedule













2016 Winter Class Descriptions













Please click on the link below for a printable PDF of our Winter Schedule and Class descriptions.

2016 Winter Class Descriptions

2016 Winter Schedule



Happy Holidays

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for checking in.

If you are wondering what classes are running over the holidays, please see below…

We are closed from Dec 24 – Dec 27

Dec.28th  Bodyblast @ 5:30 PM

Dec.29th  Bodyblast @ 5:30 PM

Dec.30th  P.U.M.P. @ 5:30 PM

We will be closed from Dec.31 – Jan. 3rd.

If you’re looking for a workout to do in the interim, please click on the link below to download a printable copy of our “Christmas Tree Workout”.

Christmas Tree Workout PDF

Thank you to everyone who showed up for our special holiday workout!  I hope you have a great holiday!

Take care and be kind to yourself,


Annual Holiday Brunch

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Hello NRG 4 Life patrons,

We will be having our annual holiday brunch on Sunday Dec. 20th at the Steeles Café.

As per tradition, we will be having a “white elephant” gift exchange.  (Everyone brings a gift and then we steal or grab a new one).  Participation is optional, but if you choose to play, gifts are to be kept under $10.  Everyone takes care of their own breakfast, but it gives us all an opportunity to get together and visit.

There is a sign up sheet at the studio, but if you cannot make it down there in person, please drop me an e-mail to

Stay posted for our Holiday schedule.

Thanks for checking in,